Wednesday, 18 November 2009

And Technowaz continues with the same old sh*t!

Dear Technowaz.......again, who is more concerned about this? Me or you?

The problem you have is understanding how we have done so well despite the publicity. Well, I am sorry to inform you that it is you that have the problem here, not me.......again, for those people who now understand the mentality of the people we have to deal with, I am publishing your comment but sadly, this will the doubt, you will have something else to say but it is falling on deaf ears........
ATSC has managed to prove, very successfully, how this product works but, only to those people who need to know.....the papers may write what they want but the fact will alwats remain, this product works and has shown to work on many occassions......please, waste you time on morre important issues becase, as I have mentioned, all you have achieved is to increase the interests shown in out product.
If, at the end of the day, people do not want to buy, for whatever reason, they will not; but your comments are not taken into consideration; just considered as another commercial plot.

Stick to things you know something about...........because you obviously know nothing about this......oh, and thank you for correcting my English.........I'll try to do better.......

Monday, 24 August 2009

ADE651...Your questions, now answered.

Yes, it has been a long time but................well we are here now.

Any of you reading these blogs would have seen the abuse and ridicule written about us and in some cases, personal 'slags' on me. As mentioned, I am a big boy and therefore can take this 'on-the-chin' but this has highlighted the real 'w****r' from a guy call 'Peter'....need I say more, Peter knows who he is.....don't your Peter?

Well Peter, I will dwell no more but feed you with the information you have longed for. Unfortunately, I don't expect you to accept this as it seems to me it would beyond your normal comprehension.....but I'll take my chances anyway.

Instead of me typing a whole lot of drivel (as you all seem to think I do), please go to your web browser and merely type in the following in your search engine......"NQR" or, "Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance" is what we call EMA or Electro-Magnetic Attraction...............the principal by which OUR equipment works. I'll say no more as I am sure people like Peter will find ways of ridiculing this technology as well as adding some other interesting comments about pleasing some people ehh?

Have a nice day all, except you Peter.................for you, just keep taking the pills. I fear that there is no cure for you! Oh, and I will not be responding to any other comments or know the address by now.