Sunday, 31 August 2008

And the Saga continues.....

Yes, I can see you all now, (not literally of course....I don't want to make you think I'm really a mind-reader!), and can 'imagine' what is being said......."Oh No! not another story about the phenomena of 'divining' principals". Nevertheless, I do get very tired when I see supposed, 'knowledgeable' people, attempting to provide their 'expert' opinions to those who are now being challenged as to whether they are going to be ridiculed by their superiors in choosing equipment that, time-after-time, continues to play the same tune........"it can't possibly work"....."has been proven by independent 'test-authorities' to be no better than random chance, or the flicking of a coin"......"does not operate by any scientific principals" ....and to be honest.....all of these are fair comments......unfortunately, these comments are also seriously flawed and continually doubted.

I have recently seen comments posted to the website and the reason I have not replied to them directly is because they ask you to 'register' first.......why? If this is such a big concern to them, why don't they really go public........oh sure, you can read what they have to say, but lets' be honest here......who is going to reply to them if they have to register? Only other allegedly 'knowledgeable' people with 1,000's of years experience in the field......certainly not the end-users who will not be able to keep their comments 'private' but that have a wealth of experience 'on-the-ground' and are able to offer hands-on experiences with the products concerned and have, time-after-time, been able to prove their respective effectiveness; So, I decided to make my own 'blog' and to ask for anyone to "constructively" post their real concerns and comments over the workings, (or not), of such devices. Please note that I would 'ideally' want to hear from those people who have had direct experience with these products and not from those who just want to play on the words or direct comments of others. If you don't have anything constructive to say, then don't say it; However, if you genuinely want to understand, (baring in mind I am not going to give away everything.....[no, NOT that I do not know, but that I will not tell you].....then carry-on).

To start the 'ball' rolling, (again don't take me literally here as I am sure their are those 'out-there' that will hang on every word I write and therefore, the 'ball' rolling comment does not refer to me wanting to play games.....yes, you know who you are...), but my first 'blog-comment' is as follows:
Yes, the ADE, Sniffex, Alpha 6, and GT200, (formally known as the 'MOLE'), I also know why (under certain conditions) they do not work and I therefore also know why the ADE (especially the ADE651) works the best, (but of course, I would say this...wouldn't I?).
What I will also be doing over the course of the next few months, is to also evaluate the effectiveness of other equipment and devices and to provide you an insight as to their respective effectiveness as well as supply some interesting comments and observations from both end-users as well as 'testing-authorities' that, you may find interesting.......(or not).....
Mr. Jim


Wrathernaut said...

I suppose that the whole effort to take the test is what's preventing you from taking the JREF's million? In the same amount of characters/effort it took you to complain about the registration for the JREF website comment system. You would then be free to explain yourself.

When you're willing to use this to guide yourself through a dense anti-personnel minefield to safety, I may start to believe it can help police, Soldiers and borders agents.

Until that time go and test the fraud indicator light, which I've conveniently had installed in your fridge.

ADE651 said...

Another story....what next?

I have recently seen the following......respond as you may but note my comments/questions after:-
written by RichardatNY, October 22, 2008

The ade651 continues to sell, I have just returned from Hong Kong and the police there are actually using and promoting this rubbish. Mr Jim has gone very quiet since the challenge to Cumberland Industries was issued. We cannot let this issue go away.
There is no sign of the ade651 being marketed in the US, perhaps they got scared after what happened to sniffex. They only seem to target (sorry, no pun intended)Middle, Far East and African countries, what could possibly be the reason for that????

So, let me get this right....The Hong Kong Police are stupid? Pray tell me, why would they promote it if it did not work, answer is......? Mr Richard, these Countries are under constant threat of & demand but obviously, your only goal to to ridicule these Countries and therefore, I would be very careful as to how to respond....we will ride on every word you write and I will pass on your comments to the Hong Kong police...I am sure they will be interested in the way, this wouldn't be the same Richard that 'supossedly' saw a test with the Lebanese Army? They still do not remember you.....interesting......oh, and you forgot to mention that we are in Europe as well.....but what would be the reason you would not mention that???

John said...

Is the ade capable of detecting
Picric Acid?

Anonymous said...

These are not the words of a fellow with a functional product. They are the passive, wishy-washy, excuse-filled delayments of a cornered rat. This will detect nothing, ever, at any time. The failure to demonstrate even a suggestive piece of evidence verifies this. The counter, of course, is a simple double-blind test. I could set this up in my driveway in 30 seconds (pending explosives acquisition). There are people that will do the leg work for Mr. Jim; and offer him $1 million for his troubles.

ADE651 said...

It appears that no one has any new comments.....or should I say, no additional words other than the drivel you appear to utter......conducting a test proves nothing...why? because when we DO conduct a successful test, it never gets published, but when we fail, it is the first to hit the headlines.......we've done tests, (not specifically in the USA) but at US institutions based particular, Iraq & Lebanon and the conclusion was we received an overall result, far more positive than ANY other product on the market.....but, as mentioned, this was never released for publication....why? well, we can only ask those Government offices to comment but of course, they won't do this either so, continue with you drivel comments because the more you highlight our product, the more enquiries we receive. So keep you comments only encourages those who do not doubt......or doubt those who do!

ADE651 said...

Dear Technowaz,

I'm going to publish your comments as proof to those who really want to know, what a*seh*les exist out there!.
Sure the press were and are involved and I think this is fact, dispite the comments made, (and there a lot of you about), we have actually made another 100 unit sales in the past 48 hours!, if you really want this to 'slow' my business down, maybe you need to use a bit of reverse phsycology because despite what you write, there are those people who really think you are talking through your Technotknow, keep blogging away as all you do is keep my website at the top-end of the google search site........I'll keep offering the equipment and support whoever is genuinely interested.......if you could only put as much effort in trying to find something better because if you think my equipment does not work then why don't you introduce some equipment that does and keep some of you off the unemployment line.........and oh, I won't publish any more of your sh*t....because that's exactly what it is........hopefully, this will keep your website busy for a few weeks......nice to keep you occupied as I would hate to have people like you roaming the streets!...............

Techowiz said...

Of course you have sold another 100 units, in your dreams. I can only suggest from your rant that your tablets are not working or you are on very strong illegal drugs.
As you will have seen from all the internet interest your scam device invoked, the only person thousands of people suggest is talking through their arse is you.
Why did you run and hide from The New York Times?
Have you managed to work out the difference between the words, 'principal' and 'principle' yet? There is an idiots guide just for you on my blog.
For all your bullshit about scientific principles you clearly know less than my 5 year old.
Who probably has more qualifications than you, unless you want to tell us about any qualifications you are claiming?
Your latest campaign to get some paid lackey to post on different blogs using different names but, as usual you or your idiot lackey used the same IP address,it just goes to show you and your gang for the frauds that you really are. Couldn't you get one real person to say something positive about your junk?
What's up with your website with all your contact details on?
Love the bit on this page where you say, '......conducting a test proves nothing...why? because when we DO conduct a successful test, it never gets published,'.
That you moron is because you have NEVER done one, where are these reports/tests you are talking about? In your dreams again.
Then you go on to say, 'we've done tests, (not specifically in the USA) but at US institutions based particular, Iraq'.
So contrary to The New York Times report you are saying you have used US facilities in Iraq?
I will say right here and now you are lying, which is further evidence of your desperation.
So I suggest you stick to corrupt and gullible third world country people where they don't know their arse from their elbow, that's probably why you get on with them so well, a match made in heaven.