Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dear Technowiz, Annon, and all.....

This will be my final comment on the subject as you are taking up too much of my time arguing on something you obviously know nothing here goes:-
I (and anyone with any sense) will not bow to anything associated with JREF and their if's, but's or why-for's.....(form you own opinions as you will do anyway).

The equipment does NOT rely on smell and there are MANY 'other-types' of equipment that function on principals other than this alone.

You are asking for companies to prove themselves to a bunch of people who have nothing else better to do in their lives than to sit on 'blog' pages trying to change the world......we have no need to prove to you anything! My proof lies with those people who ARE convinced it works and out of 'possibly' 1000's of end-users, surely I would have received someone who would have come forward to state what you believe to be the obvious....these are Government entities, not time have no experience in this field and therefore, I am seriously wasting my time in answering you.........if you think I am offering 'time-wasting' tactics then believe what you I said before, I was sure you would ridicule my previous comments and make it look like I'm the bad-guy here....I am not....if I wanted to hide, I would have done a better job of it than now and would not engage myself in wasted conversation.

Please note that of all the claims you (or more specifically) JREF have made, NO ONE has been prosecuted for anything more than financial fraud.....the Sniffex still exists by the way, only now not under the control of Mr Johnson in Texas, so you have not stopped the Sniffex because it was not due to their equipment's possible failure but due to an 'over-enthusiastic' stock figure....Use your common sense because you are really not thinking this through!


Dear Technowiz,
You see, if you ask civil questions, you will get civil answers.
You and 'some-persons' like you, are out to try and discredit both me, my company and anyone else that 'you' believe, is pulling the wool over ones-eyes when in reality, this 'type' of technology works! OK, I admit that explanations given to you may not fit in with what you understand as technology and I fully take on board comments that ask genuine comments....unfortunately, people like yourself have taken a personal vendetta for whatever reason....but having seen a lot of these comments, I am now building a picture as to what really 'bugs''s not the fact that you believe it doesn't work, nor do I sincerely believe that you are genuinely concerned about the saving of lives in war-torn territories but that, companies like mine are making money our of this and that this money is ultimately coming (perhaps) from US sources.....I cannot be sure of this myself but I am sure that you have formed a cult that believes this cannot work and irrespective of what I say, you will always find cause to discredit have to read all of the answers and comments that have been posted and in many cases, you will find contradiction in peoples comments....for example, someone mentioned that they saw my Thailand Police video and that they saw that something was found but then went on to say that I probably set it up yet, another person mentioned that, when I discovered 83 cluster bombs in the South of Lebanon.....'where was the video evidence'........ehh? am I missing something here?

Please, do not be offended when I say that I cannot take a lot of your comments seriously......I now see you asking for people to provide you with information to prove our equipment, (and the like) cannot work which, in my eyes, proves you really do not know what you are talking about anyway!
However, to satisfy your 'thirst for information', I will simply respond to your question as follows:-
The unit is designed as a Long-Range was never designed for short-range use and in fact, I have stated (on several occasions) that it is NOT a pin-point device. It cannot tell you "it is here!"....all it can do is identify an area that needs closer inspection.....(no.1).
(no. 2)....ALL of the tests that have been performed on these-type of equipments, have been tested in conditions that ALL of them would find VERY difficult....(despite what you may have read before from agents, suppliers, etc;) obtain a accurate reading...(yes, an antenna on a stick as you call it)...but at close range, it is difficult to find a reading that will identify a smaller is not impossible, but more often than not, a signal will be of the actual target.......that being said, it WILL then allow, other technologies to be utilised (including sniffer-dogs, hand-held vapor tracers, chemical swabs and the like) to maximise on their time in identifying the actual substance or pin-point the area.
I would be wasting my time to explain this further, but this is what happens in reality. Therefore, of all the tests and in particular, the double-blind test, all readings that were done, were done in conditions that would make it very difficult for devices like ours, to work.......unfortunately, those people who initially 'volunteered' for such tests....failed miserably.....however, also unfortunately to those people who conducted such a test, (a certain Mr Dale Murray comes to mind)...refused to conduct a second test stating that "he did not have authorisation for 'budget' approval to conduct a second test" and decided to go public with what he had......the rest, history.
So, (I now hear you ask), why don't I put the records straight....well simply, because now there is a change in policy with Joe Public......they want this to fail and so any faith that MAY have existed before, cannot be justified or trusted at this time. That being said, there will be testing done over the coming months and this will be done independently of public demand, although we will endeavour to use an Internationally recognised Authority that will also be willing to go public with their findings, but please sure of this, it will not be anyone who has any remote association with the Randi organisation.......when? all I can say is soon but be prepared for a long is not that we cannot find the right authority, it is finding an authority that is willing to go public with its findings.....because of you 'kind' support for such equipment, a lot of people have shy'd away........funny that!
I am sure this has not helped you in any way, and I am also sure that, true to your form, you will pick holes in my comments....but again, please do not be offended if I ignore any further comments you have made unless, of course, you want to apologise now.......(no...... I thought not either)....I hope this answered your question.....sorry for the long-winded reply.

Monday, 17 November 2008

TECHOWIZ...or is that waz?

Dear Techowiz,
Pleased to hear that you have nothing to say as your comments are lame.

When you have something to say that you know somethng about, then come back to me....otherwise.......well, I need not say more, appear to be holding a personal grudge and that you are perhaps a very lonly and sad person......I would advise you to take some professional help as there are some big issues you need to address in your life.

I am sorry you feel the way you are but I know what I have works...the fact you do not is not of concern to me and I would therefore wish you the very best for the future......however, I will ignore your comments for now............

Sunday, 16 November 2008


I have again received several responses......not surprisingly, Annon; in which I have been told to 'be-aware'........ As a statement to you all....if you have nothing to say, don't say it..... I will take on constructive criticism, but will not tolerate or publish anything that merely states for me (or anyone else), to 'be-aware'.......
Those of you who THINK, you know better and can offer a LOGICAL explanation as to why my equipment cannot work, then put your views and comments. However, those who believe this is some kind of 'paranormal'.......grow up!
The 'blind-test' that you all go on about cannot work successfully with a variety of detectors on the market, (including mine) as, this test is designed for most products to would be like asking someone to show how my car can go just as fast in reverse as it can going was never designed to do so and therefore can not..........the ONLY TRUE test is in the real-world and, unfortunately, tests conducted by companies like Sandi Labs and those 'believed' to be an acceptable test by 'organisations' like the Randi foundation, will not be suitable. This aside, I have no reason to HAVE to prove my point to them as I have no intention nor desire to do so.
For all of those who do not know who the 'randi org.' are,; they are a non-profit organisation, originally formed in 1996 by a 'magician' called 'Randell James Hamilton Zwinge' aka, James Randi, who's main task in life is to question the paranormal and pseudosciences......interesting!
You can read many articles on his website and read several comments from his supporters.......I encourage you to do this as you will see from the various comments, the kind of similar comments from people I have to cope with........
What I will say is that I am thankful at the overwhelming responses to our equipment that may have (in part) been attributed from their comments on their website as, I have seen a ten-fold increase in the interest for our equipment, (especially from 'real' end-users). So, although I maybe receiving some negative comments, I am also seeing an increase in please, form you own opinions as each visit to their (or my) blog, keeps this equipment to the forefront of peoples minds and reaches those people who have a need for this type of technology.....