Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dear Technowiz, Annon, and all.....

This will be my final comment on the subject as you are taking up too much of my time arguing on something you obviously know nothing here goes:-
I (and anyone with any sense) will not bow to anything associated with JREF and their if's, but's or why-for's.....(form you own opinions as you will do anyway).

The equipment does NOT rely on smell and there are MANY 'other-types' of equipment that function on principals other than this alone.

You are asking for companies to prove themselves to a bunch of people who have nothing else better to do in their lives than to sit on 'blog' pages trying to change the world......we have no need to prove to you anything! My proof lies with those people who ARE convinced it works and out of 'possibly' 1000's of end-users, surely I would have received someone who would have come forward to state what you believe to be the obvious....these are Government entities, not time have no experience in this field and therefore, I am seriously wasting my time in answering you.........if you think I am offering 'time-wasting' tactics then believe what you I said before, I was sure you would ridicule my previous comments and make it look like I'm the bad-guy here....I am not....if I wanted to hide, I would have done a better job of it than now and would not engage myself in wasted conversation.

Please note that of all the claims you (or more specifically) JREF have made, NO ONE has been prosecuted for anything more than financial fraud.....the Sniffex still exists by the way, only now not under the control of Mr Johnson in Texas, so you have not stopped the Sniffex because it was not due to their equipment's possible failure but due to an 'over-enthusiastic' stock figure....Use your common sense because you are really not thinking this through!

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