Monday, 17 November 2008

TECHOWIZ...or is that waz?

Dear Techowiz,
Pleased to hear that you have nothing to say as your comments are lame.

When you have something to say that you know somethng about, then come back to me....otherwise.......well, I need not say more, appear to be holding a personal grudge and that you are perhaps a very lonly and sad person......I would advise you to take some professional help as there are some big issues you need to address in your life.

I am sorry you feel the way you are but I know what I have works...the fact you do not is not of concern to me and I would therefore wish you the very best for the future......however, I will ignore your comments for now............

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Anonymous said...

Still not published my last comment. How about this one then:

Dear Mr. Jim,

Please explain in simple terms, why a double blind test of your equipment would fail? According to you and yourd distributors, the ADE products can detect any explosive or narcotic they are programmed to, over considerable distance. Go on, don't be shy!!